President Donald Trump remove Cannabis from Controlled Substance list!

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Dear Mr. President (Donald J. Trump),

We the people are asking you, by executive order to remove cannabis (marijuana) from the federal ‘controlled substance’ list. Now is the time to subside propaganda that has altered the public’s perception for 80 years. A countless number of citizens have had their lives ruined. People have been persecuted, incarcerated and labelled as second-class citizens due to the false stigma that has been attached to marijuana. Meanwhile, the federal government proceeded to patent cannabis for upholding medicinal ability (patent number 6630507).

Since the beginning of recorded history, there is no evidence that anyone has ever overdosed or died from consuming cannabis.

In contrast, tobacco and alcohol are legal in all 50 states and are not on the federally controlled substance list. To be acknowledged, the side effects of using those substances has strongly impacted health and contributed to the deaths of millions of citizens over the years.

The time is NOW, to take the profit from the Mexican cartels, and bring the money home to the United States economy. The sales for Colorado alone in 2016 was over 1 billion dollars. Through industrializing marijuana, we can formulate a nationwide cannabis industry that will bring jobs, taxes and economic growth to the United States of America. Allow tax paying citizens to come out of the shadows of the prohibition, propaganda!

Mr. Trump, you are now the president of the greatest nation on earth. During the presidential campaign, your response towards this subject was clear. “I think medical should happen I know people that are very very sick and for whatever reason, the marijuana helps them, in terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue- state by state.”

We the people of the United States of America: support, and represent you to correct this Injustice. We ask that you please remove cannabis completely from the controlled substance list. Allow states to legalize, without fear of prosecution from the federal government!

Truly yours,
We the people of the United States

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