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Responsibility First!!!

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Casey Anthony has several legal responsibilities to face. However, because of issues dealing with her mental and emotional state, as well as her safety, she has been unable to face up to these responsibilities.

In this light, we ask that she not be allowed to have any TV appearances, interviews, book/magazine deals or any of the like, until she has dealt with and completed her legal responsilibities.

There are organizations and individuals who have spent their time and money searching for Caylee when Casey reported her missing. She needs to be accountable to these organizations and people. Until she faces these people, Casey should not be allowed to be in any interview, book or TV shows.

The Media should follow the same rule - as long as Casey Anthony has not face up to her legal responsibility then any interview should not be allowed.

Responsibility First!

Caylee Marie Anthony's death is a tragedy not a source of profit.

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