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Casey Anthony has several legal responsibilities to face. However, because of issues dealing with her mental and emotional state, as well as her safety, she has been unable to face up to these responsibilities.

In this light, we ask that she not be allowed to have any TV appearances, interviews, book/magazine deals or any of the like, until she has dealt with and completed her legal responsilibities.

There are organizations and individuals who have spent their time and money searching for Caylee when Casey reported her missing. She needs to be accountable to these organizations and people. Until she faces these people, Casey should not be allowed to be in any interview, book or TV shows.

The Media should follow the same rule - as long as Casey Anthony has not face up to her legal responsibility then any interview should not be allowed.

Responsibility First!

Caylee Marie Anthony's death is a tragedy not a source of profit.

Letter to
Orange County Courts. Florida
The Honorable, Judge Belvin Perry
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Judg Belvin Perry or to whom it may concern,.

NO To Casey Anthony being interviewed, etc...

Casey Anthony was acquitted and set Free. This however does not mean that she is free from other obligations and lawsuits. Immediately after her release she was supposed to give a deposition - on July 17, 2011. This was then moved to October because: a) she was not ready mentally and psychologically, b) her safety was in question because of the outrage from her being acquitted.

Since her release, news have spreading of a book deal, interview on some talk show and an offer to pay her for her appearance.

Caylee's murder has not been solved.

There are various lawsuits that Casey Anthony will have to face. However, it is deemed she is not ready.

If she is not ready to face her responsibilities then she is not ready to 'play'.

If she is not ready to be deposed because she needs to be in hiding for fear for her life, then she cannot be ready to talk to the press or be interviewed or be on TV.

When a child is not hungry to eat a real meal, then they are not hungry for dessert, either.

We ask that Casey Anthony not be allowed to go on any interviews, TV show, magazine, book deals and the such until she has completed and faced all the lawsuits before her. We ask for a stipulation that she face up to her legal responsibilities before entertainment.

We also ask that Media follow this same rule - that they do not interview, offer, pay Casey Anthony for any appearance, on TV, magazine or any book deal.

People have worked hard fighting for justice for a little girl. In the beginning all efforts were to find Caylee, as per Casey Anthony's statement, which turned out to be a Lie.

People, individuals, organizations, spent time and money on this, relying at first on Casey Anthony's account - these people should be answered to first before anyone else.

The day we 'knew' Caylee Anthony was missing, all effort was to find her. Knowing now that it was all a lie, Casey Anthony should be help accountable for the lies she told and the people who put effort into helping her find Caylee, when all along she kndw Caylee was already dead.

We ask that while all these lawsuits are pending because of her inability to face them, that any offer for a book, TV appearance, magazine article, should be on hold as well.

We ask that there be a court order - that until CAsey Anthony has taken responsibility and faced the lawsuits against her, she is NOT to profit from Caylee's murder.

Before anything else, Casey Anthony has a responsibility to the people - especially the people of Florida.



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