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Common Affidavit for Natural Justice!

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To All the Respondents in SLP/39288/2012 in SCI.

Dear Sirs,

Sub:-SLP NO.39288/2012 in SCI FOR AT PAR PENSION- 


01.We, Retirees of RRBs have eagerly awaited on 10.03.2017 with a great hope of SLP coming to the Bench for hearing and disposal. But, unfortunately, SLP adjourned to our disappointment. Atleast, kindly ensure that no hurdles are there on 31.03.2017.

02.We strongly believe that “if all the Respondents submit a common reply/ Counter affidavit for the second affidavit filed by GOI/ and defend SLP”, Result / favorable verdict would have been Possible by this time.

03.Therefore We request all the respondents/Unions to submit a common reply/affidavit and also present our case unitedly, in the Supreme court at least from now onwards;

04.If all the respondents conduct themselves a common meeting along with their advocates, it is possible to find out a solution for early hearing/favorable verdict at the earliest.

05.As many as 2,000 of our colleagues died. The remaining 20,000+ retirees are eagerly waiting for at par pension with hope of getting it in their life time. Further waiting is not possible as a few are dying every day /week.

06.We are hopeful of getting at par pension with united efforts of all Respondents. Therefore, Respondents are requested to note the sufferings of Retirees, viz:-
(1)No money for sustenance
(2)No medical treatments
(3)Children not settled and still dependents.
(4)Depression & Ill health
(5)Social Stigma & Insecurity
(6) No alternative employment or Earning.
(7) EPF Pension very meager.
(8) No surplus in Terminal Benefits after clearing Debts.
07.We wish all success to Respondents in getting at par pension. Kindly arrange for filing common Reply/ affidavit/ presentation/ Arguments in SCI, in the larger interests of all retirees.

Yours faithfully,

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