Increase in employment opportunities in government sector

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I belong to a middle class family. My family invested heavily in my education and to their delight I became an engineer, but due to policies of the private companies during campus placements I could not secure a job. Then I thought of fulfilling every middle class parent’s dream which is to see their child get a government job. I passed out in 2013 and started preparing for various government exams. Then you became Prime Minister of our beloved nation in 2014. You promised world to the youth of this country so I thought “achhe din” has come for government job aspirants also. But little did I know about your fascination for fiscal deficit and corporates.
In these 4 years I have written various government exams like UPSC Civil Services, SSC, Bank PO etc and seen vacancies reduced drastically. For example vacancies in SSC CGL,UPSC Civil Services, IBPS PO have reduced to more than half of 2013 level. Examples are unending.
Sir every family (at least in UP, Bihar and northern belt) wants to see their child become IAS/IPS etc. I know that’s not possible but a fair chance of enough seats at least gives hope to many people and certainly gives job to more people than current level of government recruitment.
My point is sir, if the educated youth passing out from school and colleges are increasing then why are vacancies reducing? Every report from government says there is dearth of manpower in public sector then why are you so adamant to reduce government jobs? I could understand if you don’t want to create new high in government recruitment but why not maintain the 2013 level of recruitment at least?
Sir, not everyone can become entrepreneur and the rate of success is extremely low in such areas. If I invest my parent’s money in business and it fails what would I do? What will my family do? Forced entrepreneurship will be only a recipe for disaster.
So only recourse for an educated youth like me is government job. But you want us to rather sell PAKODAS than get a government job. Sir how can an educated unemployed engineer like me sell pakodas? Sir, I neither know how to make pakodas nor I want to make pakodas.
Sir, I have read our glorious constitution which says India is a ‘Socialist’ country in its preamble. If you get the second term kindly amend our constitution to say India is a CAPITALISTIC country where only people with money to do business can live and every government job aspirant should kill their dreams and migrate to other country (which I hardly think a middle class person can do). What is the point of studying hard when government can’t even provide employment despite having a humongous shortage of manpower in every government department?
Sir, the kind of policies you are pursuing in favour of CAPITALIST it would be beneficial for you to surrender our sovereignty to foreign institutions like IMF, WORLD BANK etc because it seems you only want their approval and not care about the demands of your unemployed young children.
Sir, you were the person I looked up to and cheered for in 2014 but I am frustrated at your policy of government jobs. Sir, I don’t care about Ram Mandir, Uniform Civil Code and other contentious issues but earning a livelihood is something I do care about.
Sir, I hope you will change your policy of government jobs as fiscal deficit is not the parameter of happiness of youth but employment is.
Thank you sir,
Your unemployed youth