Persuade the Islamic State to release two Japanese hostages


Persuade the Islamic State to release two Japanese hostages

発信者:Close friends of Kenji Goto in Japan 宛先:Respected Leaders of the Muslim Faith

A Message from Japan for Islamic State, from close friends of Kenji Goto, a
Japanese journalist held hostage by the Islamic State

To Respected Leaders of the Muslim Faith,

The Islamic State recently announced the capture of two Japanese and have threatened to kill them unless the Japanese government pays a ransom of 200 million dollars within 72 hours.


We humbly request that you forward our message below to the Islamic State to help persuade them to release these hostages. 


We are longtime friends of Kenji Goto, one of the two hostages. Kenji has been an outstanding journalist for many years. He has reported the devastating realities faced by children and vulnerable members of society in Syria and surrounding countries. He does this because he cares for the suffering people as if his own family were suffering. Through his reports about suffering people in various regions, including Syria, Kenji has been telling the whole world how unfair our present world structure has become. 


Please let Kenji free. And please let his friend, Haruna Yukawa, go as well. We are confident that Kenji will continue to dedicate himself to report to Japan and the world about your situation. We believe that letting him go would be worth much more than $200 million to you. 


Why don't you make use of Kenji's talent and warm heart, or tell him now the reasons you do what you do, what you want to tell the world, and what we may have misunderstood about you? He is a professional journalist with a good heart -- please help us understand more about you with Kenji as a messenger.

We are afraid that if your state kills the hostages, people all over the world - even Muslims - would only see you in a bad light. Would that not make it more difficult for you to be understood by others, or to achieve your ultimate purpose? We do not believe killing Kenji or Haruna would bring you any benefit in the end.

We ask that you please think twice about your current strategy, and let the two Japanese hostages free. 


Sincerely yours,

Friends of Kenji


日本からイスラム国へのメッセージ: イスラム国により人質となった日本人ジャーナリスト、後藤健二さんの友人たちより