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Counselling people for self realising the importance of education.

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Firstly, the cause which really moved me and made me file this petition.

I am a 21 year old, pursuing Engineering, final year. So, gradually as I'm growing i see the importance of education and just not education for the sake of it but knowing how it can make a difference in someone's life.

A small example or inspiration I want to share, Super 30 by Anand Kumar. We all are aware of that, there were so many students under him whose family's​ financial condition was terrible. There were students whose father's were labour, mother's who were working in other people's houses to make a living, even there were students who had to struggle for a day's meal. What we need to remember is that there is always someone out there who is more underprivileged than us, more unhappy than us, still somehow they are showing that brave attempt to educate their children and having faith in them that education can change their lives for the greater good, so if they can show that courage then why not us? It's not about the family conditions, it's about the mentality we possess, it's about how aware we are, it's about recognising the power of education, it's about the self realisation on a individual basis, what education can do.

These days it's all about digitalization, smart cities and all other sorts. These are key factors to be considered as "developed, growing smart". On the other hand, if we fail to show our kids the true meaning of education,then that's not development. If we try focus on more basic things like giving our kids the right education that they need, and making them so capable that they can understand that what important lesson their parents had provided and realize the need to pass on the message, change one life atleast and contribute their part, that will be real development, real progress.

Solution to the explained problem

Spreading more awareness through councillors who can help people realise the worth of education. Help them modify their mentality on how, it's okay for a girl to be able to contribute for the family. She's equally responsible and if given chance she'll make sure she puts forward her best. We need to start from our roots. We "need to change our mentality". We need better teachers, better influencers, better environment, better education. It's high time, we start now. "If we want to treat our girls equally, then the best we can do is not treat her differently". 

Development will only start if we will change our mentality and give our kids good education and good values irrespective of the gender, then that will be progress, getting smarter.

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