# Respect Women - Request for Action Respected PM Modi “ India for Women”

# Respect Women - Request for Action Respected PM Modi “ India for Women”

December 5, 2019
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Prime Minister Office India
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rajesh Lolienkar

Prime Minister Modi Ji & Request People of India for Support our request for CHANGE. 
First “ NIRBHAYA”  and now “ DISHA “ - approx 7 years- “ our Heart Cries for our Sisters and Family”I request your earliest attention , URGENT action and my recommendations below :
- The event is unacceptable and action in both cases ( NIRBHAYA - Culprit still alive - Action expected soon to punish the culprit Dec 2019 and DISHA was quick fix- Hyderabad { I do not see Enforcement agency should be ask to proove / justify their action in 6 month - No Mercy to culprits. Such happening realize us that as on today that “What action taken have till date are not enough and need to be further Improved Immediately“.
1. Law - Reforms in existing Law - Clear and Define “ No if and buts “ Well address to Victim grievances and not Human Right of Culprit “ People of India with are with you , Do not worry fir fake Human Right activists ( we respect genuine good efforts by HR organizations )  and their agents who defend culprits for such insane actions.
2. Courts - Identify such Major Crimes and Generate Special court and mechanism to address such cases as per define item 1 for action to item 2.
2. Enforcement- Upsize resources for all necessary efficient and effective Security and vigilance 27* 7 in all states as such events are unacceptable and all such major event. ( 10 steps Guideline authorising for action with Law enforcement. Define  Role and Responsibility for tome bond justified actions and not wait Seniors Order for action.  3. Social Awareness and Responsibility: Every individual and people of India should focus on respecting Indian Culture and Sankar- ”Respect Human Integrity”. Mandatory lesson and training to all sectors about “ Code of Conduct “ ( to be redefine to address Women safety ) in India . 
4. Committee - Same mechanism as for “ Ayodhya “ event. Committee with participation of all sections for An action oriented plan. Draft define guidelines as about what is expected from all stakeholders. Draft Review and  Judgement as Notification  to all  by Supreme Court Of India.
5. Preventive Mechanism : Identify by government and and people of India 1. An integrated special ” Emergency number “such as for Ambulance and Fire Fighting immediately notifying with geo location such event observed happening by any Citizen. ( 112 already launched- Thanks GOI )  2. Day to Day monitoring and reporting of such cases reported by geographic location and details “ Transparency of reporting Event and Actions ” so vigilance can be enhanced as require at identified dark sports. 3.Open communication channel for the people of India recommendations so it can be communicated and well studies for identiying options which can have major impact in resolving such event in addition to above recommendations.We praise GOI contribution to “ Us “ but need your call on this aspect as every  ” Women “ is a Sister / Mother / Wife to  “ Men “ . In this country everyone have belief that “ Modi hai to Mumkin hai “ implies they have faith and look forward to you authorizing a committee to draft needed mechanism in coordination with all concern in time bond manner. Please do the needful “ Protect Women - effective Law and Enforcement” URGENT AND IMMEDIATE. I request every INDIAN lets  join hands by signing the petition informing reason .# No more such incident acceptable and we stand to fight and make a change for BETTER INDIA TOMORROW” where Women enjoy the freedom they deserve at all times. 
Rajesh Lolienkar



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Signatures: 651Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

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