Respect Bodily Autonomy for NM Students, Teachers, and School Personnel

Respect Bodily Autonomy for NM Students, Teachers, and School Personnel

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Started by Sarah Smith

Governor Lujan Grisham, Education Secretary Steinhaus and NM Public Education Department: It is time to put New Mexico children first and remove the mandated COVID-19 vaccinations, masking, and testing in our schools.

All people have a fundamental right to choose whether or not to use medical devices and treatments, without coercion, threats, or discrimination. New Mexico, which prides itself on respecting people’s bodily autonomy, is trampling on these rights for teachers and students.

30+ states have already demonstrated that it is safe to operate schools without these mandates.  New Mexico already has one of the lowest ranked educational systems in the country, and the policies being enacted by the State are greatly increasing the disparity for New Mexico students.

Masks are Harming NM Children and Teachers

As a result of mask mandates, New Mexico children, teachers, and school personnel are suffering blackouts, vomiting, breathing problems, dizziness, disorientation, nosebleeds, and other health problems. These types of negative health effects have also been documented in scientific studies.

New Mexico teachers and learning specialists have reported that masks directly impede learning of crucial skills such as reading and mathematics, have serious negative effects on children’s emotional and developmental health, and interfere with children’s ability to learn communication and facial expressions.

34 other states have shown that it is safe to operate schools without mask mandates. Students, teachers, and school personnel who want to wear masks should be free to do so, but stop forcing everyone to wear masks in NM schools. 

Vaccine Mandates are Discriminatory and Violate Teachers’ Rights to Bodily Autonomy

Teachers and school personnel, like all others, deserve the right to make their own informed medical choices.  Many already have robust natural immunity from COVID-19. Furthermore, clinical trials for all COVID-19 vaccinations are ongoing and the long-term risks are unknown.

According to the CDC, fully-vaccinated people can become infected with COVID-19 as well as easily spread it to others.  It has also been shown scientifically, in a large analysis of 26 countries and 2,947 counties in the USA, that high vaccination rates are not linked to decreased rates of COVID-19. 

Forcing NM teachers and school personnel to be vaccinated is not going to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our schools, and people who want to be vaccinated are free to do so.  No one should be coerced, required, or forced to receive COVID-19 vaccines or booster shots. 

Testing Based on Vaccination Status is Discriminatory and Unscientific

It is discriminatory to require only unvaccinated teachers, school personnel, and students to be tested. Teachers, school personnel, and students are entitled to fair and equal treatment, regardless of their medical status.  

As already described, the CDC acknowledges that fully vaccinated people can easily spread COVID-19. Thus, it is irrational and punitive to require only unvaccinated teachers and students to be tested.

There are known risks to COVID-19 tests, including exposure to ethylene oxide on nasal swabs (which is known to cause cancer through inhalation), cerebrospinal fluid leak, and severe nasal bleeds.

COVID-19 surveillance testing should be optional and not required for any teachers, school personnel, or students. 

COVID-19 Mandates are Worsening our Children’s Educations

NM children’s education is suffering because of the COVID-19 mandates.  NM already has a huge teacher and substitute teacher shortage.  COVID-19 mandates are driving many teachers out of the school system, further worsening the situation.  The teacher shortage is now resulting in the hiring of inferior personnel, which will widen the educational disparity for New Mexico’s children.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 mandates are creating a hostile environment in our schools.  Teachers, school personnel, and students are being harassed, bullied, and threatened because of the mandates.

Governor Lujan Grisham, Education Secretary Steinhaus and NM PED: Your policies are harming NM children, teachers, and school personnel. Honor our rights to bodily autonomy, and end the medical discrimination. 

1,390 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!