Make Apex Legends A Good Game

Make Apex Legends A Good Game

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Jackson B started this petition to Respawn

Make the R99 floor loot

Make the Peacekeeper floor loot

Make the Mastiff a care package weapon

Nerf the Prowler or take the Select Fire out of the game

Make submachine gun recoil patterns less predictable

Enable 3x and 2x-4x sight back on sub machine guns

Have Loba throw her bracelet quicker and possibly farther

Get rid of Low Profile


Revert the Body Armors to how they were Pre-Season 6. Or at least make the Gold Body Armor 100 Armor Points

Work to fix current bugs and issues (Example: audio issues, wraith’s portal sometimes not placing ect.)

Work harder to come up with creative buffs for less played characters instead of immediately nerfing more played characters.

Work harder to ban Hackers who ruin everyone’s gaming experience

Revert tripletake to pre-season 6, but keep the ‘choke’ mod on it

Reduce muzzle flash for ALL WEAPONS

Reduce hipfire accuracy 

Increase footstep audio by A LOT

Add a “no fill” option for Duos and Trios

Add in a Solo game mode

Add in Solo AND Duo Ranked game modes

Enable Map Selection and get rid of the stupid map rotation timer

Add a LEGIT streamer mode for content creators

Focus on adding creative, fun or wacky game modes

Focus on adding different color varieties for character skins, more badges, different stat trackers on your banner for more of a creative personalized experience for everyone. Examples:

-Add more color variants to Legendary skins unlock-able by Legend Tokens, and more skins in general- refresh the in-game store more frequently

-Add 25-30 kill badges, 5k-6k badges, Predator Placement # Badge. Ect.

-Add a KDR tracker, Overall win tracker, Current or best win streak tracker, kill streak tracker. Ect.

Listen more to the competitive player base in Apex Legends AS WELL as the casual player base. At least TRY to appeal to both.

Add more rewards for high ranked players (Possibly a predator skin variant for all Legendary skins??)

Remove the 5 kill point cap in ranked

Add a larger RP cost to losing games in ALL ranked tiers

Enable dropping down from a higher tier in ranked if a player loses enough RP to (Example: From Diamond to Platinum)

Abolish or decrease the severity of Skill Based Matchmaking in regular public matches

Add Gold varieties of ALL WEAPONS

Make Gold weapon sights interchangeable

Honestly just scrap the concept of crafting stations and crafting materials entirely

Add private custom game room #’s

Make the Mute button bigger and more accessible for Female players that get audibly bullied online by incels on the internet

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!