Water For Manmad City

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Respected Hon.Prime Minister sir,

First of all heartily congratulations for landslide victory in General elections.

I am a common man living in Manmad, Maharashtra .

We are facing very serious issue of our basic need of water supply since last 40 yrs. Yes sir FOURTY YEARS.
So many times we were convinced that this time water problem will be solved 100% but still it remains the same.
We are getting water supply once a month since last 2/3 yrs.
So many options considered but nothing has worked.

Manmad is not only population 125000 people's but also connected with the number of small villages. It is major railway junction .We are getting Manmad Indore rail line in near future, just because of your kind support.

Passengers load is going to increase here in near future.

But we lack basic amenities like clean drinking water, good roads.

Our junction is really transforming ,but without water it will be useless.
On behalf of my city, as a common man, I would humbly request you to kindly pay attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely
A Common Man