Resist the Gaokao Forced Hike

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During the Chinese Gaokao, CISHZ students will be forced to endure a day-long hike in the rainiest and hottest month of the year simply because of the personal whims of their director. Slogging through mud and falling from heatstroke in dangerously high AQI - that is what the school wants us to remember in our last week in Hangzhou. Despite the large variety of alternatives, like going back to our House retreats or visiting local sites in a less extreme way, in a way we only briefly did in the beginning of the year, we must go hiking in completely deplorable conditions because the top administration wants to. The last week or two of Hangzhou, a time when we should be celebrating our progress and treasuring what's left, is spent slaving away for no good reason at all. As the director of CIS Hangzhou, Mr. Pratt should be looking out for our well being and our education - not letting the school unilaterally drag along the year. If he or any other planner wants to hike, they should hike himself, and not drag the year kicking and screaming behind them. 

Apologies for any small inaccuracies as the administration has literally given us zero information on the hike. Whatever was said here was established from what little scheduling details were published, and from certain interactions between Mr. Pratt, Mr. Grace, and students.

Sign this petition to show your support against the forced hike - and for an alternative which will make the best use of our last week.