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Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef started this petition to RESIGN Toni Preckwinkle Cook County Board President & Thomas Dart Sheriff of Cook County

CALL TO ACTION: The Cook County Department Of Corrections Division 10 is a "DEATHTRAP".

Inmates behind these walls do NOT have the proper supplies to protect themselves from the outbreak behind the walls known as COVID-19. 

Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle & Sheriff of Cook County,  Thomas Dart needs to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY FOR FAILURE TO ACT PROMPTLY WHEN PANDEMIC SPREADED INSIDE THE JAIL. They both KNEW several inmates were affected with the disease and tried their best to SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG.  Also, they showed NO SENCE OF URGENCY to release inmates on minor charges so they themselves wont get affected with the DISEASE.  They FAILED in press conferences to be transparent as to what was happening on the inside. Cassandra Lee, the wife of Nicholas Lee who died on Easter Sunday called this facility over "130 times" on behalf of her loved one with no cooperation from the officials of the Cook County Jail. 

Therefore, we the People of Cook County have NO FAITH in these two officals to function in their elected positions and DEMAND THEY RESIGN EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

• OVER 306 prisoners who tested positive
• OVER 115 Staff test positive
• 4500 Inmates has not been tested


1. Tom Paskie 42-year-old

2. Leslie Pieroni, 51, DIED APRIL 3RD

3. Nicholas Lee

4. Jeffrey Pendleton 59 year old Shackled to a bed

5. Juan Salgado Mendoza, 53, died at Stroger.  Hospital Monday,

6. Rene Olivo, 42, died at Stroger Hospital Sunday, the Cook County sheriff's office said. Olivio had been hospitalized since March 30

7. Sunday 64-year-old Karl Battiste, also died from the coronavirus at Stroger

Here is the environment in the Cook County Jail: the inmates CANNOT social distance and over crowded, no ventilation to being in fresh air but breathe AFFECTED pair spreading the germs of COVID-19, no bleach to disinfect, proper PPE approved as sufficient by CDC standards, and anti-bacteria soap.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A third Cook County Jail detainee who tested positive for COVID-19 has died, officials announced Sunday.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office reported that 42-year-old Nicholas Lee died Sunday at Stroger Hospital.

As of Sunday, 306 Cook County Jail detainees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, along with 218 members of the sheriff's office staff.

More than 180 of those are correctional officers, according to the county sheriff

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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