Residents OPPOSED to yet another new nightclub (Stache) on the Boulevard.

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Project proposed would combine the old Cafe d’Etoile space (8941 SM Blvd) and EXPAND into the space adjacent to it (most recently Burnsan Organic Milk Bar) to create a 2,718 square-foot nightclub called "Stache".

The space would include a dance floor and stage. While the new owners promise that the dance floor and stage with live music would only be utilized on weekends after 10 PM there is nothing preventing them from operating as a full-blown nightclub seven nights a week if approved.

If approved as proposed, the use goes with the land. This would mean that if this project were to fail, a new owner of the property would be automatically able to operate a full-blown nightclub seven days a week in perpetuity regardless of the concept. 

What we want is DIVERSITY of our commercial space. We do NOT need another nightclub. We already have an issue with sound coming up into the neighborhood. We want something we don’t already have - a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with friends and actually have a conversation without screaming over dance music.

When Café d’Etoile closed it left a void on the boulevard that we’d like to see filled. We don’t want it filled with more of the same. We don’t need a “Rocco’s North.”

The residence that have signed this petition are OPPOSED to this project as currently proposed to the city and to the neighborhood. 

Thank you.