Say No to Meat Packing Plant in Woodville Tx Tyler County

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As a resident of Woodville, Texas I am strongly opposed to the building of a meat processing facility in Tyler County. Congressman Babin suggested to contact your local elected officials and since they didn't answer the phone, I wanted to UNITE the citizens of Woodville and surrounding areas to ONE VOICE.  

A message from Congressman Brian Babin regarding the meat processing facility in Tyler County:  I would urge Woodville citizens and the surrounding community to research Riceland Farms to learn the health and environmental repercussions of allowing a meat slaughterhouse to come here, and to voice any questions and concerns to our city and county elected officials and members of the Economic Development Board.

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**** i am not asking for money.  the change org petition does that automatically when you reach a threshold of signers.   no donations please.