Stop the Woodmere Club from becoming Overbuilt Housing

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Stop the Woodmere Club from becoming Overbuilt Housing

The Five Towns - particularly, Woodmere, Lawrence, and Cedarhurst - is about to get a whole lot more dense...unless we do something to stop it.

We need our local Nassau County officials, town governments, and representatives to know - we oppose redeveloping the 100+ acres along Broadway...that the Woodmere Club is planning on selling to a local developer -- who plans to build over 300 homes on dense lots. 

The sale of the Woodmere Club land, and subsequent dense housing development will irrevocably damaged our community in a multitude of ways:

  • Significant traffic impact
  • Environmental implications
  • Increase in housing supply, with low (S.D. 15) taxes - decreasing housing values in neighboring areas. 
  • Loss of trees and plants and the potential for: decrease in air quality, additional green fly and bug infestations as a result of birds being displaced and or killed
  • Potential for additional flooding to the neighborhood due to increased impervious coverage area.
  • Impact on the ability of the Police Department to properly cover and protect the additional area, including questions over life safety should we have another natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy that devastated a good portion of the community.
  • Ability of the sanitation district to take on all the new homes that will be constructed
  • Sewer system capacity and who will pay for the upgrades should they be necessary
  • Tax impact to the neighboring residents
  • Evacuation in the case of emergency will become even more treacherous. 

We need local officials to know we are not in favor of current zoning - extremely dense, with ability to build 2 Family Homes (as currently zoned). AND Making sure that the developer is not given subsidies or changes for even more dense zoning for his development that will affect the taxpayer with no upside to the community. 

We can sit back and do nothing -- while 1 developer makes huge profits to the detriment of the whole Five Towns, or let our local representatives, and community know we want a say in what gets built in our backyards.