Keep In Person Security At Wellesley

Keep In Person Security At Wellesley

March 6, 2021
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Residents of Wellesley
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrew Davis

*If you receive a pop-up on this page from asking for a donation, please do not donate money - we (who started this petition) are not accepting donations. If you choose to donate the money goes to NOT Wellesley, the security guards or the cause*

2 residents paid for the printing of the flyers - we are not asking to be reimbursed.


Wellesley Residents,

Make YOUR voice heard. We will present all signatures and comments at the next HOA meeting.

One signature per household, please! 

1. Sign the petition (Please only sign if you LIVE in Wellesley!!!) 

2. After signing, leave a comment on the bottom of this page with your unit number and express your concerns about the proposed security change.

Our Board of Directors is proposing to eliminate in person security at the front gate with a "virtual" guard and a camera.

Currently per year we are paying $153K and no monthly fees, this amounts to $45.54 per unit out of your maintenance fees for in person security. 

The new system will cost $60K to install along with monthly fees, which we do not know the amount right now. 

Envera Systems has unfavorable reviews, See Below:
Here is the website 
Here are the Yelp Reviews: 
Here are the Google Reviews

This is being voted on by the Board of Directors without the vote of residents because the by-laws do not require resident votes to pass.

The board is trying to sell you on the benefits, but please read between the lines, research and ask questions. Read the board's response HERE

If you DO NOT want your in person security to be replaced, please show up to the monthly meeting, sign this petition and voice your concerns about this proposed change. 

Next Meeting:
March 25th at 7pm 
Wellesley Pool

Please sign this petition and pass it along to your fellow neighbors or tell them to visit: 


This petition made change with 168 supporters!

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