Abandon leaf blowers to lead the change

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Do you enjoy sitting in the back yard and have a cup of tea? Or do you and your family enjoy holding BBQ parties in the yard? But sometimes, you cannot get what you want. Once the leaf blowers start working, you and your family cannot enjoy any kinds of outdoor activities. Therefore, use leaf blowers to keep the yard clean become more meaningfulness.

On the other hand, leaf blowers also put threats on health and the environment. The high level of emission will raise the risk of illness and lung cancer, and the noises will lead to potential hearing loss. Except for these threats, the noise of leaf blowers interrupts conversations, disrupts important family moments, interferes with people trying to rest in their homes, and ruins nature. Not only dust and leaves, but the leaf blowers will also blow up your outdoor activities. This is essential to child development and health for every family member.

Therefore, we want to create a petition to ban the overuse of leaf blowers around the Town of Wellesley, By replacing the leaf blowers with rake and brooms, we can lead the change to an environmental-friendly community in Wellesley. Additionally, we can also protect natural resources and every family in the neighborhood with this kind of change. Start changing now!