120 more townhouses in Waretown!!

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The owners of a 38 acre property fronted on Route 9 by Pancoast Rd have proposed building 120 three story condominiums. 20 of these will be for low income families. This property has been paying farm rate taxes for years. Less than $2000. 

The stress on the roadway system will be evident rather quickly at this location as 300+ more cars, school buses, and commercial traffic will be influxing the intersection. 

The township first responders will be stretched thinner as the need for this complex will demand their resources. Crime will go up. EMS response will be challenged. 

Resident homes that have butted against fresh water wetlands forever will loose their buffer. 

Please attend the meeting on Monday night, September 21st at 6:45pm at the Waretown Volunteer firehouse. If you cant attend please sign this petition if you're against the proposal. We need to let the developers and town know we are not allowing another rubber stamped development to be built without challenge.