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If the DEQ isn't going to protect us, then who will?

Alicia Connell
Farmington, UT

Jul 17, 2013 — Its like the DAQ said "Science is way ahead of regulation". Its time to change, its time to pay attention, its time to protect ourselves, its time to fight for our right to breathe and be healthy. Utah should not be the dumping ground of 8 other states (worst) medical waste. Utah needs to find the funds to increase the protection of its citizens, get a backbone and do their job. The DEQ has every right to revoke their permit based on lack of compliance, invalid documentation, etc, etc. No more extensions for Stericycle, its been long enough. Make them pay and make them leave.

Dan Hubrich wrote:
Take a look at this article! This is just super. The DEQ can't even be relied upon to enforce the existing laws/permits that are in place with Utah companies. Probably has something to do with the under funding and only having 12 inspectors for the whole state. This entire battle is becoming more and more of a joke.


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