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Residents of Utah

Residents of UTAH: Sign this to shut down Stericycle's medical waste incinerator.

Stericycle has allegedly been falsifying documents.  We have confirmed that they have been putting more than the allowable amount of toxins into the air. The Utah Division of Air quality issued a notice of non-compliance last week. Many residents feel they are having health issues that may be linked to this exposure. See the Salt Lake Tribune article published today, June 3rd and the Deseret News article published last week.  We have been told there is a "process" that has to happen before anything can be done, so meanwhile who knows what toxins have been emitted.  Are they going to spend the money to fix the problem?  How long can they drag their feet?  This affects all of us here in Utah, we already have one of the worst air qualities in the nation.  We certainly don't need it to be worse.  Stand with us and stop them from poisoning our air until a resolution can be made.  Its not okay.  Its not right.  

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Residents of Utah
Sign this to ask for answers as well as solutions from Stericycle.