Force the Committee on Judicial Conduct to Investigate its Constituents

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Between 2008 and 2018, I began witnessing judicial corruption in the Atlantic County Courthouse. As I began discussing it throughout the community, evidence materialized which confirmed these suspicions.

I submitted my concerns to the Office of the Governor, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, the State Police, the Atlantic County Prosecutor, and the Disciplinary Review Board of the Supreme Court. These agencies refused to accept or investigate official complaints against their constituents.

The citizens of New Jersey want justice in our justice system. We want the criminals out of the courthouse, and if the regulatory agencies won't do the job that we're paying them to do, then we want them fired and replaced.

According to the Judiciary Committee's website, the integrity of their office is unwavering, yet they outright refuse to address official corruption in the Atlantic County Courthouse.

Sign this petition and join me in demanding it.