Bring our bridge back!!!

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Back in 2012, the Hairsine Bridge was removed from Hayward Lake as a safety measure to prevent the public from accessing the construction area of the Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse Upgrade Project. We were promised that once the Dam upgrades were complete the bridge would be replaced. This has not happened and the upgrade was completed in May 2019.

On April 12 2019, I received an email from the BC Hydro contact person, Judy Dobrowolski, with this message - "We’ve initiated a project for the bridge. A project manager has been identified and I will be leading the stakeholder engagement.  The rest of the project team is yet to be recruited.  I hope to have an update for you once the project is officially underway – I anticipate that will be in May (2019)."

It is now September 2020 and there have been no updates, no bridge and 8 years later our beautiful hiking loop is still incomplete.

Local recreation areas have shown how important they are especially in a time of COVID. This hiking loop was a showcase for Mission and we would like it back.