Say NO to 3 Digital Signs at Triangle Square

Say NO to 3 Digital Signs at Triangle Square

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Wendy Leece started this petition to City of Costa Mesa Planning Commission and The City Council

                             LARGE DIGITAL SIGNS PROPOSED

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Neighbors:  Digital screens totaling 2,600 sq. ft. are being proposed as part of a new sign program and development agreement for Triangle Square. This is part of a total of 4,960 sq. ft. of signs at the three busy intersections around Triangle Square. These signs will adversely affect Costa Mesa. Ten years ago, residents opposed a 1100 sq. ft. LED billboard sign at Nike Town for many of the same reasons that residents now oppose these three signs and the LED color-changing dome. 

The Planning Commission will hear this item the week of May 25. The Commissioners will make a recommendation to the City Council, and thereafter the City Council will vote on the program and Development Agreement. If you are concerned about this project, please do the following:

A. Please sign our petition and share. We oppose Zoning Application 19-68 for a Planned Signing Program and Development Agreement 20-01 for the following reasons:

1)      Safety:  Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are at risk because of distracted drivers. Research shows digital billboards are a threat to safety along our busy streets and increase crash rates.

2)      Quality of Life/Aesthetics:  These Las Vegas-style billboards and digital dome with changing colors would greet visitors entering Costa Mesa at this location. Depictions in the Lighting Study show they will be aesthetically offensive. Other cities banned LED billboards and we do not want them in Costa Mesa.

3)      Precedent Setting:  Other businesses in all areas of Costa Mesa (your neighborhood!) would want digital signs.

4)      Environmental Impacts:  An Environmental Impact Report has not been prepared! The City has resolved to "go green", but it is ignoring the impact of increased visual pollution in the downtown area. The City should require a detailed EIR be completed by a reputable consultant and paid for by the applicant.

5)      Market Research:  There is no evidence that the signs would improve tenant occupancy or business at Triangle Square.

6)      Digital Billboard Content Cannot be Controlled:   The owner will sell advertising to third parties. There is legal precedent that the property owner would control the content of the advertising displayed on the LED billboards. The First Amendment allows what some may consider tasteless or inappropriate ads.

7)      Public Engagement:  Residents were surprised when the item appeared on the April 13 agenda because community engagement by the owner has been very weak.  The project needs to be advertised to a larger group of interested parties than those in the usual 500 feet radius because the light emitting from the project will be seen further than that distance.

8)      Development Agreement: Residents would have to contend with the signage for the term of the Agreement, which is 30 years. However, the City would wait for the first three years to pass before receiving any of the 25% of revenue from third-party advertising and would only be allowed to use the signage for city-related events 10% of the time. Third party advertisers might increase revenue to City, but the amount is uncertain, so this may not benefit the residents and is simply not worth it.

9)      Property Values: LED billboards will result in decreased property values for nearby commercial and residential neighbors. National studies prove large digital signs result in decreased property values in the surrounding area.

We love our local businesses and want to support them.  However, we believe there are better ways to attract customers and tenants to Triangle Square. The many negative impacts on Costa Mesa’s character, the nearby residents’ quality of life, the decrease in surrounding property values, along with the risk of distracted drivers outweigh any benefits to the owner.

Please sign if you agree, and share.

B. What else can you do? It is particularly important to make your opinion known to the Planning Commission as soon as possible, as well as the City Council. Please call:  Planning Dept # 714-754-5165:  Leave message and your number. Ask all planning commissioners to please call you. They are appointed by the City Council to serve us.

Contact Planning Commissioners individually: 

In addition, contact your City Council members:  Call  (714) 754-5105 and leave a message for Council Members to please return your call and/or email

·         April 13, 2020 Staff Report to Planning Commission:

·         Exhibit C: Planned Sign Program, 86 pages including renderings of proposed digital billboard signs:

·         Exhibit C1: Draft Development Agreement:

·         Light Study: 70 pages

                         APRIL IS DISTRACTED DRIVER MONTH 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!