Save the bars/restaurants of Sunnyside & Woodside! Commit to spend $25 a week this winter!

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This winter, pledge to spend $25 each week at Sunnyside & Woodside locally owned restaurants and bars. #25ForSunnyside #25ForWoodside

Indoor dining in New York City will be shut down indefinitely starting on Monday, December 14. This shutdown comes as the restaurant community has already been devastated by declines in sales of 65% to 80%.

We fear that many of the locally owned institutions that we know and love will not make it through the winter. These bars and restaurants are owned, run and staffed by our neighbors, friends and family. They have contributed generously to local events, fundraisers and charity drives. Think of every raffle, art show and auction you have attended. Chances are it was hosted or supported by a local bar and restaurant. They are a vital part of our community and they need our help.

So what can we do? Eat and drink (and buy gift cards)!

By committing to spend at least $25 each week in takeout this winter, we can support these businesses that have generously supported our community!

$25 each week, per person

x54,000 residents of Sunnyside & Woodside (Sunnyside has 63,271 residents. Woodside has 45,099 residents.)

= $1,350,000 PER WEEK in takeout business.

This money could be the difference between keeping the doors open or shutting down. We cannot let that happen. So please show your support this week and every week this winter. We ask that you order directly from the bars and restaurants to ensure that they receive the full benefit of your order.

  • Meeting friends or family over zoom? Order from a different restaurant or bar each week and share that experience together.
  • Looking forward to that evening cocktail? Consider buying a few drinks to go from a local bar.
  • Celebrating a special occasion - Birthday, Anniversary? Consider a local restaurant for takeout.
  • Don’t feel like cooking for the holidays? Let a local restaurant help.
  • Every day is blursday and you are in a rut? Try a new spot or dish! We have a pretty amazing variety of restaurants in the neighborhood.
  • Are your kids tired of your cooking? Are you tired of cooking for them? Boom – surprise them with some of their local favorite dishes. Those chicken nuggets and fries are made with love and will keep the lights on.
  • Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, Pitchers and Catchers reporting…All great reasons to celebrate with drinks and food from your favorite local spot.

Gift cards are amazing way to show your support now so you can you enjoy your favorite places in the future! Think of that wonderful day (hopefully a short time from now), when you can sit down in a great local institution, order something delicious, and enjoy it even more knowing you helped. Gift cards also make a great holiday gift!

We recognize that not everyone may be in a position to make this pledge. As a wise person once said, time, talent and treasure – everyone has some way to contribute. Shout out your favorite bar/restaurant on social media! Share this petition far and wide! Encourage your friends and family to participate! And if you have the means to spend more than $25 – please do!

Our restaurants don’t have a lot of time. Please make the pledge today.

Learn more at Please participate and help spread the word. Tag your posts on social media with: #25forSunnyside #25forWoodside

We borrowed this amazing idea from the wonderful community of Oak Park, IL with our respect and gratitude. Please consider using this idea to support your local community. We hope to one day eat and drink where you live and look forward to the day when you can visit Sunnyside & Woodside!

Cover photo by Hayes Peter Mauro

Thank you!!!