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Residents of Mission BC and Recreational Users of MILL POND, BEAR MOUNTAIN PARK, RED MOUNTAIN, WEST STAVE LAKE, and the SCENIC 7 ROUTE along Dewdney Trunk Road in STEELHEAD:

Please sign this petition against rezoning to allow an ASPHALT PLANT in Mission BC. The proposed location of the asphalt plant is along Dewdney Trunk Road just north of the Mill Pond Parking Lot, Bear Mountain Park, Red Mountain, and the Mission Rod & Gun Club and just south of the community of Steelhead in Mission BC. There are fantastic hiking, mountain biking, and walking trails throughout this area. ALLOWING AN ASPHALT PLANT IN STEELHEAD WILL FOREVER NEGATIVELY IMPACT EVERYONE'S ENJOYMENT OF THIS BEAUTIFUL RECREATIONAL WONDERLAND. Placing an asphalt plant here makes ZERO SENSE. Once it's in, it's permanent, and we won't be able to get it out.

Asphalt plants STINK! They emit NOXIOUS, foul-smelling odors. They spew cancer-causing TOXINS and GHG emissions into the air for miles around. Do you want to be exposed to that when you're out enjoying hiking, biking, riding or walking in the area? Even when you can't smell the stink, you're being exposed to toxic emissions in the environment.

Asphalt plants include untold negative impacts, including:

  • they pollute airsheds, landscapes, aquifers, wetlands and streams;
  • they are terrible for the health and safety of people and wildlife and the environments and landscapes that they live within or visit;
  • they pose an extremely serious risk of catastrophic fires;
  • they increase greenhouse gases (GHGs) and contribute to climate change; and
  • they involve the regular transport of hazardous and toxic chemicals and fuels by very large trucks along neighborhood roads.

The Dewdney Trunk corridor running through the Steelhead community is located in the middle of a heavily forested area that gets tinder-dry in summer. The City of Mission's Fire Department does not have the resources to properly fight such a forest fire, should one occur. Loss of human life, homes, the forest, and wildlife would be catastrophic. Watch drone footage of efforts to put out an asphalt plant fire in 2018 in rural Winnipeg, that was surrounded by flat prairie-land. We cannot imagine what could occur in a heavily forested environment. See:  

The steep forested slopes surrounding Steelhead create a unique micro-climate and weather patterns (inversions) that will hold the pollution and toxic emissions from the plant within the airshed. Emissions are cumulative. Any asphalt plant will be horrible for the health and welfare of people and wildlife. 

To make asphalt, hazardous toxic chemicals and fuels will have to be regularly transported along neighborhood roads in Mission BC and the surrounding communities of Steelhead, Stave Falls, Silverdale, and central Mission. Steelhead is a one-road-in, one-road-out community. Allowing INRP rezoning and an asphalt plant will put the health and safety of residents, recreational users, and visitors to the area at serious risk. Toxic chemical spills, increased traffic congestion, and accidents on local roads will be the result.

BC asphalt plants are some of the least regulated in Canada, especially "mobile" asphalt plant operations. According to a 2017 audit conducted by the Province, less than 20% of BC asphalt plants were complying with the emissions monitoring, and plant operating, and reporting requirements of the Asphalt Plant Regulation (B.C. Reg. 217/97). And those plants knew the auditors were coming!

Tell the Mission City Mayor and Council to stop rezoning to INRP to allow industrial processing within the Steelhead area of Mission BC. Please sign this petition and circulate it widely to anyone you know that enjoys hiking, biking and walking in the areas of Mill Pond, Bear Mountain Park, Red Mountain, west Stave Lake and Steelhead in Mission BC. We love this beautiful area and do not want to see it rezoned to allow dirty processing industries like asphalt plants.

Thank you very much.

Concerned Residents of Steelhead, Mission BC