Keeping Terry Conners Rink Open!

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  Terry Conners Rink is an ice skating rink located in Stamford, Connecticut. The city’s board of finance wants to cut the budget for the rink in half, so we need your help to prevent this from happening . Our goal is to collect signatures to show how many people care for this rink. 

           This rink is a second home for many people. It’s the rink where hockey and figure skaters alike spend their hours practicing. They’re here everyday, sometimes at 5am and as late as 10pm. In addition, it is home to the Southern Connecticut Synchronized Skating Teams, a group of over 40 figure skaters who travel to competitions around the east coast. 

           Cutting funding for this rink would mean that it would not be able to open until next year. This would mean no summer camp and clinics for skaters. The summer camp is where around 450 kids aged 4-15 learn how to skate, play games outside and on the playground, go to the Cove beach/park, and exercise. As one of the older campers myself, this camp has been a great experience for me in both meeting friends and preparing for the upcoming synchro season. 

            The rink also hosts the annual Terry Conners Synchro Open which happens in early December every year. It’s a competition where over 1,000 skaters from up and down the east coast come to compete. The Open provides money for the city of Stamford through hotels, restaurants, and more, thus a reason why they should keep it open for that event. 

           Another reason Terry Conners Rink should stay open is because of the endless opportunities presented to the kids who go to the summer camp and learn to skate programs. Terry Conners provides a learning experience for older skaters on teaching younger kids how to skate. We are able to learn how to become a leader, and help the beginner skaters learn a new sport. Later, this skating experience will provide us an opportunity to have a job at the rink as well, during the winter seasons. 

          Cutting funds means there will be no summer camp, synchronized skating, hockey, or any other form of skating programs this year. Because of all the lost practice time, skaters will begin to lose many of their hard-acquired skills since there is no perfect alternative to ice. If Terry Conners Rink loses funding from the city now, it may be prone to being budget-cut again in the future which will make it much harder to stay open. Please help our rink — our second home — stay open by getting the funding it needs and signing this petition. 

thank you, 

written and edited by: Sarah Maitland, Anastasia Ladyka, Emily Seligson, Julia Peldunas Rebecca Middlen, Caitlyn Foster, and Sarah Boside.