Tell the City of Sedona NO to Sunset Lofts

Tell the City of Sedona NO to Sunset Lofts

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Started by Michele Mattix

The proposed building site for Sunset Lofts is on the floodplain of an arroyo that flows into the next-door property of Casitas Tranquil.  Casitas Tranquil has a history of flooding due to runoff overwhelming this arroyo.  Paving over the earth and altering the flow of water through this arroyo presents a serious flood hazard for Casitas tranquil.

Additionally, Sunset Lofts is proposed to be two stories plus vaulted ceilings - 32 feet in total. All surrounding architecture is single story. Sunset Lofts does not adhere to the architectural norms of the area. It would destroy the character of the neighborhood.  It would block views of Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot rock for all of the single story neighbors to the south.

Adding 46 units - many of them two-bedroom and likely to have multiple residents and therefore multiple cars – would have a tremendous impact on traffic patterns on Sunset Drive and its intersection with Highway 89A. There are already too many driveways feeding onto Sunset Drive. It is dangerous and would become more so with a high density apartment complex added to the mix.

Finally the Arroyo and this empty lot provide habitat for wildlife, trees, and plants. It is a corridor for javelina, bobcats, coyotes, quail, and many other animals. Sedona is beloved for its proximity to nature and wildlife. Where are these plants and animals going to live if every arroyo and piece of land is paved over and developed?

This is the wrong type of development for this piece of land. The risk it presents to its flood-prone neighbor directly to the south makes this an unsuitable project.  The additional traffic, loss of views, loss of wildlife habitat, and its architectural inappropriateness further make this the wrong location for this project.  


305 have signed. Let’s get to 500!