Let the Evotel Fibre Rollout Continue

Let the Evotel Fibre Rollout Continue

3 April 2020
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Residents of Rustenburg
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Why this petition matters

Started by Francois Viljoen

Hi guys, I’ve done my research and Evotel is a “licensed provider of electronic communications network services in terms of The Electronic Communications Act”

Evotel has applied for wayleaves to install fibre internet in the Rustenburg area, which is in dire need of this!

I am advised that the Rustenburg Local Municipality approved Evotel’s wayleave applications to install fibre to the following areas in Rustenburg: Safari Tuine, Protea Park, Cashan and Boschdal.

Evotel has already successfully installed most of the required infrastructure to these areas, and is now ready to rapidly connect customers to the network. 

Our community needs this now more than ever, as we and our local businesses battle the economic and other effects of the Corona-19 outbreak and lockdown!

This connectivity will also be a lifeline to our vital services and people such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, teachers, schools, fireman, ambulances etc.

On the 26th of March 2020 the “Electronic Communications, Postal and Broadcasting Directions” was issued under “Government Gazette number 43164” in terms of the “Disaster Management Act”, in order to enable licensed providers to rapidly deploy fibre installations and remove any obstacles to this.

Evotel is a certified essential services provider and is therefore legally entitled and able to connect our communities to fibre internet,even during lockdown!

Please sign this petition to show your support for Evotel to immediately commence with providing fibre internet to our community, especially our essential services and local businesses.

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Signatures: 736Next Goal: 1,000
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  • Residents of Rustenburg