Stop the reopening of the Rockhill quarry!

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Rockhill Township residents of Bucks County are looking for help to try and stop new operations at the Rockhill quarry on Rockhill road in Sellersville pa. The quarry has not been used for over 30 years and has grown into it's own ecosystem. Home to many species of wild life, birds , vultures, hawks, fish, ( every time you cast a fishing rod you catch a fish because there are so many of them in there), bear , deer, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, a rumored bald eagle that swoops in for fish , an endangered species of turtle, the breeding grounds for fragile species of salamander , amphibians and many more. The quarry has been filled with water since the 80s and is crystal clear and blue. Well over 100 feet deep and bigger than a football stadium they want to pump the water out but no one at the township knows where it will be pumped to. They will destroy the water table and aquifer system, everyone on that road will lose their wells. They want to blast daily to mine what ever it is they want out of there, most likey stone for their 10 year contract to work on the turnpike. Rumored asphalt plant as well. They are going to destroy the environment, the habitat, the ground water, and everyone’s quality of life. When they are done they are gonna take there money and leave. Local government and the D.E.P is allowing this to happen. When the D.E.P rep was asked about the air pollution , noise pollution, water pollution , wild life and endangered animals they said, " Well they have a permit". So many more people live on and around Rockhill road then there were in the 80s. The township didn't care what residents had to say at a meeting last night. I grew up there. I am pleading for help to stop them from destroying such a beautiful place and the homes of many to make a road some where else. All of the spilled fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid from trucks, tanks, and heavy machinery will contaminate the ground. Property value will severely drop. The noise alone is enough to make you want to stay indoors. Rockhill road will turn into barren industrial highway from all of the heavy truck traffic. When they start blasting no one's baby's will be able to sleep nor will anything stay hung on anyone's walls. Hanson owns the Rockhill quarry and doesn’t even reside in this country. They don't care about what they destroy. If anyone on the township committee lived on that road this would not be happening. Please help!

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