Meadowtown Skatepark Petition

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Hi my name is Dave Jonsson!

I am a local professional skateboarder, philanthropist, and founder of Love My City Week. I used to live in Coquitlam, where I was a passionate advocate for the skateboard community. In my time there, I helped design the Victoria St. Skatepark, as well as, worked with the city of Port Coquitlam on some improvements to Railside skatepark. 

Skateboarding and scootering is a growing activity among youth! We celebrate this because the younger generation is less active than ever before. With the birth of social media and the ubiquitous access to online entertainment through a cell phone, many youth find themselves spending countless hours indoors. Creating places outdoors for youth to express themselves is an important aspect of any city's planning. 

Skateboarding and scootering in the Lower mainland is made difficult due to the amount of rain it receives. Aside from the occasional youth centre drop-in, the amount of indoor/undercover spaces available for youth to skate in is: zero. Therefore, many youth find places to skate in parking garages and other unauthorized locations.

This is why I believe, we must band together to see the 1.5 acres under the Golden Ears Overpass made into a youth skatepark. Bridges have often become safe havens for skate/scootering in such places as Port Moody (Kyle St. Bike Park), Vancouver (Plaza Skatepark, under Georgia St. Viaduct), San Fransisco, (Soma Skatepark), Portland (Burnside Skatepark) to name a few! 

For the last 13 years, the land has sat empty, gathering black berry bushes and garbage. We are currently researching who exactly owns the property, which does propose some challenges, making your signature more important than ever.

Let us join together in creating an incredible space for our youth to use, for years to come! All year round! 

Thank you for signing! 

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Dave Jonsson 

"Building The Future Of Our Youth, Today!"