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Residents of Oregon and SW Washington: Support UFCW555 Workers in the fight for affordable healthcare

Hey, friends. I need your help with something. We're in the middle of negotiations for our contract at work, and my employer's proposal is abysmal. They want to eliminate the 5 day work week, and force us to work 7 days per week, while stil  l giving us as little as 28 hours per week. In addition to taking a wrecking ball to our work-life balance, they want to gut our health care. Under their proposal, new employees would have to work 6.5 years to get access to health benefits. Those of us who have health care benefits will see our annual costs doubled, our deductibles tripled, and the after-deductible coverage dropped to 60%.

Please, if you live in Oregon or Washington, sign this petition. It will only take a minute of your time to let my employer know that you are watching them, and you care what happens to me and my coworkers. When you're done, share the link, or write a comment to let me know you helped. Thank you so much for your time.  From Holly A. Fred Meyer U-Scan cashier and UFCW 555 member.

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