Spend $25 each week at Oak Park locally-owned restaurants this winter. #SaveOurRestaurants

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The restaurant community is being rocked by a dramatic decline in sales (down as much as 80%) as a result of COVID-19. Many could quickly run short of cash to support day-to-day operations and staff wages.

Our locally-owned Oak Park restaurants are forced to make the difficult choice between community health and economic survival. Without our help, many will not survive this winter.

Is there something we can do to help? YES! And, we’ve done the math.

By committing to spend at least $25 each week in takeout this winter, we can do it!

$25 each week, per person

x 10,000 residents of Oak Park (Oak Park has 52,000 residents)

= $1 million in takeout business (Oak Park has 100 restaurants)

That equates $10,000 average, split per restaurant to cover operation costs, which could be the difference between economic survival or extinction. 

We cannot let that happen. So act today, and act consistently over the coming weeks.

  • Meeting friends or family over zoom?
    Order from a different restaurant each week and share that experience together.
  • Celebrating a special occasion - Birthday, Anniversary?
    Consider a local restaurant for takeout.
  • Don’t feel like cooking for the holidays?
    Let a local restaurant help.

Our restaurants don’t have a lot of time.

Learn more at www.takeout25oakpark.com. Please participate and help spread the word. #SaveOurRestaurants #Carryout2CarryOn