Bracebridge Rental Housing Petition

Bracebridge Rental Housing Petition

March 4, 2020
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Residents of Muskoka
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Amardeil

Be a champion of much-needed rental housing in Bracebridge!

I have a vision for a rental housing project on Woodward Street in Bracebridge. It will bring 49 new rental apartments to the community.

Whether you're a Bracebridge resident in need of housing or an interested stakeholder – an employer, a parent, an activist or a Muskoka resident who likes to see progress and positive change – I want to give you a place to make your voice heard. And I need your support.


I am seeking to rezone a 2.2 acre parcel of land (comprised of 3 pieces) off of Woodward Street in Bracebridge from R1 zoning (detached homes) to R4 (up to 52 apartments), which is the highest density allowed in Bracebridge.

In the past 5 years (2015-2019), only 22 multi-residential apartment units have been approved for construction in Bracebridge. I’m proposing to add 49, which is double the total for the past 5 years. (This data comes from the Town of Bracebridge.)

The Project

This project seeks to address Bracebridge’s housing shortage by bringing 49 new accessible, attainable, energy efficient, environmental, low impact rental units to market. This offers a high level of social benefit and increases the rental housing options available, which is beneficial to all. 

To help me get the R4 zoning, I have committed to build: 

- 21 of 49 units as accessible (21 is all the ground floor units, the other 28 are on second and third floors); 

- All net zero-ready, which means it would be net zero energy consumption if solar panels were added. This exceeds EnergyStar significantly; 

- All attainable (generally means rent under 30% of median area income. According to CMHC, cap for non CMA areas is $2077);

- Low impact, which means that all rain water/melted snow doesn’t go into storm water sewers to be drained into river, then lake. Instead, water is filtered onsite using some technology plus the sand that is dominant onsite. This is called LID (low impact development). 

Tackling the Housing Crisis

I believe that the private and public sectors need to work together to improve our housing crisis in Muskoka and beyond. We can all see that neither government nor the private sector alone have been able and/or willing to build sufficient rental housing.

In addition, opposition to new construction, and rental construction especially, by NIMBY neighbouring homeowners, often thwarts potential development.

I want to give a voice to all the people who DO want more rental housing in Bracebridge, so that the decision makers can hear from supporters too.

How You Can Help

The development process typically addresses objections from opponents more than it addresses supporters. That may be because most development projects have more objectors (typically NIMBYs and immediate neighbours) than supporters.

Given the housing needs in Bracebridge, I believe that my rental concept may have more supporters than objectors. 

If you support this much-needed rental housing project, please let your voice be heard. Sign this petition today.

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These apartments will hopefully be available in 2021, pending approvals. 600 sq ft 1-bedroom accessible apartments and 900 sq ft 2-bedroom apartments are planned.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

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Signatures: 330Next Goal: 500
Support now
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