Troups Road South, an unsealed and unsafe road that needs to be upgraded.

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Troups Road South  is a  7km stretch of  unsealed road linking the City of Melton with the City of Wyndham. It is central to many new urban  developments and is the ONLY road other than Hopkins/Derrimut Road that bridges traffic  between Melton and Wyndham shires.

Over the past few years traffic has significantly increased estates and housing developments become established and Troups Road South has a constant flow of heavy articulated vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger cars using this road  It is also  used as a detour when Hopkins Road has been closed and it is receiving more traffic  than it was ever designed to take.

The current  condition of the road is extremely  dangerous  as there are dust plumes that are generated by vehicles which causes traffic to be blinded. It's like playing Russian  Roulette in your car. Also the  gravel topping means that vehicles are losing  contol with accidents   occuring  on a daily basis. Something must be done to address these huge safety concerns.

We are asking that the road be closed to general traffic until such time that dust and safety concerns have been rectified. 

We implore the City if Melton to act immediately before it's too late.