Stand with Heine Brothers' Baristas during COVID-19 Outbreak: Give them the Choice!

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Stand With Heine Bros Baristas! - Thank you + Update

Hey everyone!

Y'all. We just passed 1,500 signatures! That's amazing, thank you to each and every one of you.

Heine Brothers Leadership is feeling the pressure, scrambling behind the scenes to cover the lost shifts, lying to the media to make themselves look better and US look like just me being loud (lol). They are nervous, and at this stage, public pressure on them is the absolute best way to support our Baristas.

Please! If you have a minute, we're asking that you write to Heine Brothers directly, and ask them to do what is best for their workers and community; lattes are not life-saving, we deserve the choice to opt in to a voluntary layoff. And if they refuse to close their stores, the least they should do is pay more than $8.50 per hour for "essential" workers during an aggressively contagious pandemic.

Contact them here:

Also, if you will, please share this petition on all of your social channels!

We are so incredibly touched by the support we have received from you all, our community, and we deeply appreciate having you with us in this fight.


Thank you so much,

Hannah Jones


p.s. - catch me on WHAS11 and WAVE3 news tonight making our case!

Hannah Jones
1 year ago