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July 22nd: RSVP to Vote a Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour as IKEJA LGA Chair

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Since I was born more than 3 decades ago, I have heard Nigerians of all generations complain about how things are not working in Nigeria. We complain that current leaders are not competent yet we never join the race. 

What's worse is that many are not aware of when Local Government Area Chairmanship elections hold. These are extremely important elections as they decide which officials are going to be closest to the people. 

Local Governments control a non-trivial amount of money, usually hundreds of millions of Naira on a monthly basis. This means that a well-intentioned, capable leader at the local government level can implement programs at the local government level that touch the lives of the everyday man. 

I am starting this petition for the following reasons: 

  1. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is qualified and he is not backed by a Godfather. This means that when he is elected, he will owe noone any favours. He will serve the people. 
  2. Gbadebo has credible plans for the people around education, healthcare and employment. He is also very accessible so you can ask him yourself. 
  3. Gbadebo is young and energetic and is an example of what happens when young people decide to be the change they seek. He will be a case study on how young people can get involved and make real change. 

Corrupt politicians continue to dominate our politics because we are complicit. We stay on the sidelines and complain or worse, we sell our destiny for a bag or two of rice. Let's put an end to this by turning out to the polls enmass on July 22nd, 2017 to elect Gbadebo as Ikeja Local Government Chairman. 

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