Retain Existing Height Limits of 45 metres in Hobart

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At the public meeting in Hobart City Hall on Tuesday 16th April, over 1000 people attended. The vast majority voted to retain the existing height limits of Hobart CBD of 45 metres, whilst overwhelmingly rejecting a call to raise the limit to 60 metres.

“Hobart not Highrise” is still, inexplicably, urging adoption of 60 metre (20 storey) height limits for Hobart.

We the undersigned, request the Hobart City Council hold an electors’ poll that reflects the overwhelming vote for the successful motion from the public meeting of 16 April 2019. The motion passed was:

This meeting calls on the Hobart City Council to protect the heritage character of Hobart by:

1) Acknowledging the great economic and social value of the City’s character and working to ensure that new development complements that character.

2) Establishing a maximum height of 45 metres, which in part allows 15 storey buildings but restricts such buildings to sites where they don’t impact on heritage buildings, streetscapes and precincts.

3) Strongly tighten the use of discretion in planning approvals, which has led to serious abuse.

We believe that, to respect the outcome of the vote, the question in the Electors' Poll should read:
Do you agree that Council should retain its existing height limits of 45 metres and set absolute maximum building heights in the CBD of no more that 45 metres (15 storeys)? YES/NO