To Allow Adult Use Cannabis Businesses and Sales in Fulton, IL and Whiteside County, IL

To Allow Adult Use Cannabis Businesses and Sales in Fulton, IL and Whiteside County, IL

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Medical Patient in Fulton started this petition to Fulton and Whiteside County IL Officials

June 15, 2021 — 

Fulton Ribbon Cutting, Vendor Booths, Deals, and Giveaways! – Saturday June 19th

Come out and visit The Dispensary on Saturday, June 19th to celebrate in style, with the official Ribbon Cutting and Celebration Event at The Dispensary Rec Room in Fulton, Illinois.  They’ll have a full lineup of vendors, giveaways, and deals throughout the day.  Check out some of the details below!


Jun 8, 2021 — 

After lots of community effort, finally, we're seeing some new adult use dispensaries opening up in Northwest Illinois!

The Dispensary Fulton - The Rec Room and The Dispensary East Dubuque are having ribbon cutting ceremonies the next two Saturdays (June 12th in East Dubuque and June 19th in Fulton), with vendors on site to giveaway concert tickets, talk products, and provide munchies, in addition to adult use recreational products. Stop by and check it out and show some love to the start of a new industry in Illinois! 21 and over only

It looks like there's still time to signup as a vendor if you want to promote your own local business at these events!



415 11TH ST., FULTON


 A small, vocal group of opposition is dead set on banning all cannabis businesses from the region. We need your support! 

Some believe legislating morality is their duty and obligation for all adults.  We believe adults are responsible for their own actions and can choose to safely use cannabis products.  We believe parents are responsible for their children and teaching them to make smart decisions which would include abstaining from cannabis use until they are of age.  

We firmly believe restricting the sales of cannabis in the city of Fulton and Whiteside County will create a vacuum which will be filled by the black market and illegal dealers.  These individuals and the black market will not verify IDs, they will not only sell cannabis, they will not work closely with the local police and Illinois State Police, and they will not bring any tax revenue, jobs, or other benefits to the city.  

The single greatest action a municipality can take to increase the illicit market is prohibiting regulated sales and businesses from operating in a jurisdiction.  This is not a moral issue; it is a public safety and economic issue.  By banning adult use cannabis sales, a municipality would be effectively bolstering the black market like never before, all taxable revenue will be lost with no impact on usage within the community, and the police forces will have very few options for enforcement.  A vote in support of adult use cannabis businesses is not a vote in support of cannabis, but instead, it is a vote in support of a reasonable approach to regulation which will benefit the city, its residents, and best protect public safety.

Nevada, Colorado, and Washington have seen drastic increases in home values of 65%, 58% and 57% over the past 5 years.  Illinois had an increase of only 26%, significantly below the nationwide average of 33%. Cities allowing retail cannabis sales see an immediate increase in property values and the increase outpaces cities that do not allow retail sales.  

Recreational Marijuana’s Impact on Home Prices -

Legalization is here, Fulton and Whiteside County should regulate and tax cannabis sales as opposed to taking a blind approach and hoping and praying that illegal operators do not sell cannabis in the region.  The vocal minority should be heard, and their arguments taken with a grain of salt.  The only way children will have access to cannabis is through the black market and the banning of legal and regulated sales will do more to bolster that market than any other individual action that could be taken by a municipality.

At a time when the city has a dwindling operational budget, it is time to allow licensed cannabis businesses to operate in Fulton and Whiteside County.  With recent tax hikes, we believe the residents should not bear the weight of the looming deficit.  Instead, allow new businesses to help ease the deficits by taxing regulated adult use sales with an estimated initial city and county tax revenue of $150,000 to $300,000 annually for each jurisdiction, with cumulative tax revenues each surpassing $1,000,000 and well into seven figures over the next 5+ years as the program matures.

The Illinois Medical and Proposed Adult Use program in Illinois is among the most restrictive program the United States has ever seen.  This petition is only for adults aged 21 or older, and diversion of cannabis to underage users is and will remain a criminal offense.

In almost 3.5 years of operation, the medical dispensary currently located in Fulton, IL has not had any instances that required police response or activity and instead has assisted the local police force with several investigations which verified cannabis products confiscated originated from outside of the State of Illinois, specifically from California.

We'd request only residents of Fulton, Whiteside County, and immediate surrounding areas as well as current patients and future patrons of The Dispensary Fulton who will also patronize other businesses within Fulton city limits and Whiteside County sign this petition. 

Please be sure to check the box that says 'Display my name and comment on this petition'.  We appreciate all supporters, but we need names and cities of residents and supporters to go along with signatures.  Checking this box will allow the pro-cannabis business movement to have the greatest impact at city and county board hearings.  

We urge representatives to allow the safe, regulated sales of cannabis products and operation of cannabis businesses, collect the very significant tax revenue, and welcome the additional jobs and disposable income to the region through regulated, licensed cannabis businesses.

Please consider contacting local alderman or attend public hearings, with dates and locations listed below.  We ask anyone commenting on the petition or contacting government officials do so in a polite and respectful manner which furthers the political discussion.


City of Fulton Alderman Contact Information -

Whiteside County Board Contact Information -


History of Voting in Fulton and Whiteside County:

October 28, 2019 - Fulton votes no (4-4 vote by city board, mayor voted no as the tie breaker) on a measure to Approve Ordinance amending Chapter 155 by adding zoning provisions regarding adult use cannabis by renaming part of the Business District and outlying Business District and amending section 155 entitled permitted uses in Industrial Districts of Title 15 land usage of the code pertaining to adult use cannabis (pages 17-22) 

Monday, November 11, 2019 - Fulton voted to delay a vote to prohibit cannabis businesses in city limits until December 19th.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - Whiteside County Board votes 14-9 to allow planning and zoning to move forward with drafting zoning ordinances for all adult use cannabis businesses.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Planning and Zoning for Whiteside County voted 6-1 in favor of sending an ordinance allowing for craft, cultivation, infusion, transport, and dispensary adult use cannabis businesses.  The ordinance prohibited consumption lounges.  This ordinance will be voted on during the County Board meeting scheduled for December 17th.

Monday, November 25, 2019 - Fulton City Council will be accepting public input regarding a future vote prohibiting all adult use cannabis businesses within city limits.  Come out and show your support, and if you can't make it, please contact the city council.

City of Fulton Alderman Contact Information -


Here is a consolidated list of important upcoming meetings:

  • 12/17 County Board Meeting – public input and ordinance to approve cannabis businesses VOTE
  • 12/19 Fulton City Council – public input and prohibition VOTE

All cannabis use is medical, a message from Dr. David Allen on the Endocannabinoid system -

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!