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An application has been filed with San Bernardino County to establish a Festival & Glamping "destination resort" (currently being referred to as Flamingo 640) consisting of up to 75 clustered tent glamping sites with support facilities including a restaurant and bar, reception area/store, trails, recreational paths, a music venue, campfires, and a helipad spanning 640 acres on the east side of the 247/Old Woman Springs between La Brisa Ave and Luna Springs Rd. 

This land, which borders Sand to Snow National Monument, is a huge expanse filled with endangered Western Joshua Trees and desert tortoises. According to the SB County's Department of Public Works - http://cms.sbcounty.gov/dpw/Land/especies/DesertTortoise.aspx "it is unlawful to touch, harm, harass or collect a wild desert tortoise."

This development (and any development on this land) would further exacerbate our water sources (California is continually experiencing a drought), add light, air and noise pollution (glamping sites, music venues, and helipad) in a currently serene desert expanse above a wash, which carries sound. Flamingo 640 would further  amplify problems with crowding (with already long wait times up to an hour at Joshua Tree National Park). This development does nothing to help our residents with existing issues of tourists (3 million annually) that strain our existing limited and overrun resources on housing and food access.

We sign this petition primarily with environmental initiatives in mind, as well as the preservation of the serenity and quality of life, and the strengthening of our small but beautiful community (as opposed to extraordinary amounts of money being spent on a development primarily meant for tourists). We hope this may even inspire an NPO like MDLT to step in and preserve this land for non-development. 

Furthermore, the area is zoned for 'rural living,' not commercial. Our entire concept of rural living will be thrown out the door if this development happens.