Close down Auto Integrity / Integrity Service Centre in Stilgeleë Avenue, Die Wilgers, Pta

Close down Auto Integrity / Integrity Service Centre in Stilgeleë Avenue, Die Wilgers, Pta

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Renier Wessels started this petition to Residents of Die Wilgers

Stilgeleë avenue is a quiet (Stilgeleë means "quietly situated" in Afrikaans) street that flows from Farm Road in the heart of Die Wilgers extension 9.

The reasons for our objection against the business that is currently being operated illegally on the premises of Erf 504 and 505 at 150 and 154 Stilgeleë Avenue, Die Wilgers extension 9 are listed below. The ongoing operation of this business is seen as a direct contravention of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986) of the Tshwane Amendment Scheme and of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act 2013 (Act 16 0f 2013) (SPLUMA).

The owner of this property has previously been found guilty of this contravention for which a fine was also imposed and subsequently paid. They just continue with their business operations without a worry in the world. The city council received multiple objections to the rezoning request dated September 2019, but nothing has been done since and their business just grows stronger and stronger. They are also apparently planning buying a third property now in this quiet little residential street.

The following are our non-exhaustive list of reasons for objecting to the above request for rezoning:

  1. Due to the business not consisting of enough space to keep all cars parked on the premises, the sidewalk of the property and the opposite property is used as parking on both sides of the corner of Farm Road and Stilgeleë Avenues. This poses multiple risks to the residents of the area, pedestrians and vehicles parked and driving on these streets because:
     - the visibility of oncoming traffic around the corner is reduced significantly due to too many cars parked on the corner;
     - vehicles are not always parked the allotted 2 metres away from chevron signs on the corner;
     - pedestrians walking and running have limited moving space on the sidewalks and therefore need to walk and run on the road surface; and
     - parked vehicles are regularly being moved (especially during late afternoon peak hours for both pedestrians and vehicles) on and around this corner which can and will cause future accidents.
  2. Rezoning the aforementioned property(ies) will result in a retail / industrial property in the midst of a residential suburb. As has been historically proven, the market value of residential properties in our area will be influenced negatively and is expected to cause a drop in the marketability of properties in the area which could also cause market values of our properties to drop.
  3. The testing of motor vehicles from this business is being conducted in Stilgeleë Avenue, Bakkie Avenue, Uitspan Road and Farm Road. Speed limits are not being adhered to and multiple residents in the area have complained about motor vehicles speeding while being tested by customers of this business. This significantly affects the safety and wellbeing of all residents in the area. The health and safety of our children, residents and visitors are being threatened by this business being conducted in our streets. There are also no speed humps in Stilgeleë and Bakkie Avenue which can result in motor vehicles reaching speeds in excess of 100 km/h.
  4. Multiple incidents of cars being broken into outside of business hours at this property have been reported. A business of this nature can attract various criminal elements into our community and can again put our safety and lives at risk.
  5. There have also been complaints of increasing noise levels in the immediate residential area due to motor vehicles being fixed / revved and/or tested in and around these properties.
  6. This business also increases the environmental pollution in our immediate residential area. The use of and spraying of paint to fix up dents and scratches are also seen as a health risk to the community.
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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!