Preserve the LDS Meetinghouse property at 3625 E Doverhill Drive

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The sizable property at 3625 E Doverhill Drive has been an incredible asset for the surrounding neighborhood. While the property is managed and signed for religious purposes, its unofficial status as a park cannot be ignored. The extensive parking lot is a frequent host of bike races, games such as tag and hide and seek, impromptu ball games and various wheeled sports. The small playground to the north - however meager it may appear - is a local favorite of many children. The swings, the climbing tires and the steep grass rolling hill provide plenty of entertainment. The baseball field, complete with a custom-built concrete grandstand, is utilized throughout the warmer months. 

An unfortunate fire occurred in the main building very early in the morning of July 14th, 2019. The neighborhood anxiously waited for news regarding future plans. Recent public comments indicate the property will be decommissioned for religious purposes.  

The community respects the right of the owners to proceed accordingly with their property. However, we intend to demonstrate a very strong case for preservation of this property for the benefit of locals and visitors alike. This property is within walking distance of future gravel pit development and Ferguson Canyon/BST trail development, serving as a potentially significant refuge for locals (especially those living west of Wasatch Blvd.)

Signatures gathered will be used to demonstrate the level of interest in preservation of the property. They will accompany a short presentation outlining the case for preservation. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your consideration!

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