Fire city of Calgary council and Mayor, hold new elections

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Attention Kaycee Madu, municipal affairs minister, 

We the residents of Calgary have been left with no options but respectly request you use your powers under section 574. Which state that you can:

Section 574 of the Municipal Government Act, can issue “an order dismissing the council or any member of it or the chief administrative officer.”

Council as a whole does not deserve to carry on. The province should fire the whole lot, appoint an official administrator, and call a new election.

The level of incompetence here, the complete failure to reach any solution is beyond any fiasco seen at city hall in decades.

We understand  the province has wide power to disband elected authorities. Size does not confer immunity.

The power was last used locally in 1999, when Education Minister Lyle Oberg fired the Calgary public school board for dysfunction with far less serious consequences.

We kindly ask for your assistance in this matter as you are full aware of the situation currently happening in Calgary. 


Thank you