Deport the Trouble maker Students who roam around as gangs and fight on streets.

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From last few years due to lenient policy of the Govt, 100s of 1000s of international students came to Canada. One section of the students come here only for work instead of study, college is their way to enter Canada however their main target is to get PR by any means. To enter on Student visa documents are forged to show healthy bank balances, assests and other means of income, however truth is their parents borrow money and take loans to show good balance in their account for VISA. There are so many cases of property damages in Brampton, Toronto and Surrey where students live as tenants , gangs fights and mocking and instigating fights on social media with people who came to Canada in 1970s, 80s etc. There is no program to teach Canadian values and Canadian culture to this section of students.