Let It Be Wild

Let It Be Wild

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Residents of Big Sur

Why this petition matters

The development permits recently issued to Ventana Inn are inconsistent with the Big Sur Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Coastal Act. This sets a precedent seriously threatening the public access and preservation goals of the LUP.

The stated goal of the Big Sur Land Use Plan (LUP) is: 

"To preserve for posterity the incomparable beauty of the Big Sur country, its special natural and cultural resources, its landforms and seascapes and inspirational vistas. To this end, all development must harmonize with and be subordinate to the wild and natural character of the land.

Please sign and help us petition the Coastal Commission.


No destruction of historic buildings on site. 
Maintain affordable camp sites. 

No café and no wall without local LUP review.
No gallery without review.
Big Sur LUP must preserve critical viewshed.
Rustic, wooden signs. No bright neon signs. 


1 has signed. Let’s get to 5!