Stop lot splitting in Beaumont

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The City of Winnipeg is considering the development of 19th century row housing on Parker Avenue. We are hoping to stop the proliferation of “single family in suite houses”

Residents of Parker (specifically), Beaumont and Winnipeg are and should be concerned by the splitting of lots to increase realty tax revenue.  The Beaumont neighbourhood consists of older single family homes. In the past 10 - 12 years we have had an influx of new buyers renovating or rebuilding single family homes (some of them absolutely amazing - all labours of love). This petition is aimed at keeping the integrity of single family homes, lawns and gardens and property values of existing homes in the Beaumont neighbourhood. 

Last year we were told false information to pass on a variance we did not believe in to build two single family homes that turned out to be two duplexes. On top of the dishonest description of these homes, many of the surrounding neighbours had damages done to their properties that still have not been repaired despite promises made by the builders. We hope that you will support our efforts to stop developers from destroying the Beaumont neighbourhood (yours may be next) by building inappropriate "single family in suite homes" (in other words duplexes).

Thank you,

Concerned citizen