Objection to Notice dt-12th Feb 2021 issued by Panvel Municipality for Property tax

Objection to Notice dt-12th Feb 2021 issued by Panvel Municipality for Property tax

1 March 2021
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Started by Kharghar Forum

The Municipal Commissioner
Panvel Municipal Corporation,
Panvel, Distt. Raigad, Maharashtra.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Objection to Special Notice for payment of property tax 
Reference No. PMC/TAX/E/KH / /2021/12-02-2021 dated 12th Feb. 2021

This is with reference to your captioned Special Notice dated 12th Feb. 2021, for payment of property tax. In this regard, i submit the following objections/concerns, on this notice:

1. PMC was formed in 2016. Since development work was not yet completed, Maharashtra Govt. issued a GR at the time of PMC formation, whereby it was promulgated that CIDCO will continue to be Planning & Development authority for Kharghar Node, till the time development work is completed. As PMC is yet to take over from CIDCO, PMC shouldn’t charge the property tax.

2. Development charges as also Power supply and Infrastructure development charges (PSIDC) have already been paid by all to the CIDCO, but many amenities promised in CIDCO’s Development Plan (DP) are yet to be provided. So, property tax is not payable for an “underdeveloped node”.

3. Municipal corporation charges the Property tax, when it has provided all the services and amenities. Ever since its formation in 2016, PMC has hardly provided any service/amenity, except cleaning or garbage collection. So, property tax should become payable only after PMC takes over from CIDCO and starts providing all the services and amenities.

4. The services for which taxes have been included in the property tax like special education tax, sewerage tax, sewerage benefit tax, water tax, road tax, development tax, tree tax, fire extinguishing tax, etc. are already being provided by CIDCO and we are paying service charges for the same.     

5. Property tax is being charged retrospectively w.e.f. 2016, but hardly any service has been provided or any amount has been spent by PMC for development of Kharghar (CIDCO developed colony area) till now. So, property tax shouldn’t be charged retrospectively.

6.There shouldn’t be “Double taxation” i.e., Services charges to CIDCO and Property tax to PMC. If property tax is to be paid, Service charges should be removed or clubbed with property tax itself.

7. PMC is a D class corporation, but it is observed that property tax rate is significantly higher than some of the A, B and C class municipal corporations, including the nearby corporations like NMMC.  

8. The survey/assessment of property has been done on the ratable value and that too is considered on the higher side in Kharghar. Further, the measurement of area also has anomalies in many cases. The assessment should be done on the basis of ownership and area details already available with CIDCO.

9. There is no clarity about the services, for which PMC will be responsible after start of property tax.

10. Neither the grievance handling process has been defined nor any on-line facility has been provided for payment of property tax, resolution of queries/complaints, rectification of errors should, etc. An Ombudsman to listen to grievances of citizens should be appointed.

11. As the residents are already facing hardships due to Covid-19 slowdown, the property tax should be waived for the time being.

In view of the above, we object the above property notice sent by you and appeal to you to cancel the property tax proposal, unless the above objections/concerns are addressed

Due to paucity of time, we couldn’t comprehend all the objections. Hence, I reserve the right to submit the supplementary letter to submit additional details/objections.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully.

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Signatures: 8,346Next Goal: 10,000
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  • Shri Sudhakar DeshmukhMunicipal Commissioner, Panvel Municipal Corporation