The Fort Worth advanced water meter radiofrequency radiation is not safe.

The Fort Worth advanced water meter radiofrequency radiation is not safe.

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Laila Talley started this petition to Residents living in the city of fort worth and

Our water department sent out flyers in June of 2020 claiming that the new advanced water meter is safer than a cell phone.  I have found opposing evidence.

(June 2020): The Fort Worth Water Department District is set to install advanced water meters at every residence in Fort Worth, on a cycle by cycle number basis.  For example, cycle 11 is set to have advanced water meters installed some time next year (written in 2020, so this means 2021.) 

Update: 5/27/2021:  The Aqua Metric installers have finished installing water meters on our street.  4 households have successfully said No to the installer.  The Aqua Metric installers earn a commission on each water meter install.  On our street alone, we have witnessed the installer not knocking on the door first.  If the resident was not home, the SMART meter was installed anyway.  I don't know if this is true (of the installer's testimony), but an installer informed a resident that if she says No to him, then she will have to pay a $100 fine and the water department will install it anyway.  That is extortion.  

Back to original post:

This is part of the SMART city infrastructure.  The Sensus Flexnet will be installed, which is a SMART water meter.  Usually, water meters are only switched out because the old one stops functioning.  Now, they want to trash a working system, and spend more of your money to buy these needless high-tech emitters so they can monitor your usage multiple times a day.  Those sensitive to EMF are allowed to opt-out from an electric smart meter, but our District is removing your right to choose by mandating these changes for us all.

These pulsating radio frequencies are NOT safer than a cell phone when it "pings" to read your meter.  In fact, the "ping" is above the FCC limit for a cell phone.  I have the facts right here in the "Research" section.

Opt out program


Opt out program: Fort Worth residents have a choice to say NO to the advanced water meter radiofrequency radiation antenna/s added to the environment.  A new water meter WITHOUT antenna may be installed when the old one stops working. Residents take a picture of their meter once a month and email to the water district, in order to avoid flat and/or monthly fees.

Update: 5/27/2021:

I have discussed the possibility of calling in or emailing in the water meter reading from our analog meter.  Assistant Water Director Jerry Pressley says he does not want to hire the back office personnel to take in those readings from residents.

Aren't the laid-off meter readers looking for a job after the full kick of automation is in swing?

Below in the research section, I included an update on the Sensus SRII which is of concern to health too, depending on an electro-smog meter reading.  


According to the Bioinitiative Report, just 100 femtowatts per centimeter squared causes oxidative stress to our body and this causes DNA damage. 

The new Sensus Flexnet advanced water meter will have an antenna attached to it.  This antenna will enable the water meter to transfer your data to the CLOUD, the internet of things, which any country has access to.  They have the infrastructure to broadcast your usage in real-time, announcing when you're on vacation or have a guest to any interested party.  They have the infrastructure to fine a residence that waters on a day not assigned.  

The MPE calculations sheet for the Sensus Flexnet advanced water meter has a sitting frequency of .6 milliwatts per centimeter squared.  That's a million times stronger than 1 femtowatt per centimeter squared. 
MPE sheet: pulsating "ping" radio frequencies will read your water meter 96 times per day.  These pings are set to 28.4 milliwatts per centimeter squared and each ping lasts for 1.2 seconds. 

FCC sets the limit of 20 milliwatts per centimeter squared for cell phone.  The pulse "ping" that reads our water meter data is higher than that limit.

This SMART meter will transfer radio frequencies through the air to your home and yard.  It will send data wirelessly to the antennas now installed on cell towers within our neighborhoods, next to our homes. 

To sum up, the radio frequencies will be delivered through the air from water meter antenna to our house, then water meter antenna to the antennas installed on cell towers.

This technology is not safer than a cell phone.  Let's compare the specifications between the antenna and a cell phone. 

Update: 5-27-2021: 

The SMART point technology antenna specification sheet found on says that the antenna has a 900 to 950 mhz frequency.  I had researched this frequency and that matches a 4G cell tower.  Research has already shown that living within a mile of a cell tower has caused cancer.

The Sensus SRII electromagnetic water meter radiates magnetic field radiation from metal water pipes, according to a building biologist. 

If anyone owns the Trifeld TF2 or the Cornet electro-smog meter, please check your neighbor's (with permission of course) metal water pipes.  Or, if the meter was installed already, you may check your own metal water pipes.  

A Kaiser Permanente study showed that a measurement of 2.5mG and higher caused a three-fold increase in miscarriages.

With this recent research, we can all talk this out on what we feel a better solution would be.  I just felt at the time of creating this petition several months ago that it was the best compromise with the water department.

Back to original post:

  The MPE calculations sheet that shows the FCC violation is on the internet, easily found.  These calculations can be found on mpecalculationsforelectric.pdf (and scroll all the way down for water meter.) All of these calculations are a million times stronger/higher than a femtowatt. 
This is too high for our bodies.  Here's a link to studies on how low radio frequencies can cause oxidative stress to cells/ mitochondria.

Cell phones, pagers, etc. operate at 800mhz to 940 mhz.  The documents prove this.

Not everyone leaves a cell phone on all the time.  We can choose to turn our cell phone off or put it on airplane mode.  We cannot do that with the new advanced water meter.

Additionally, "California Town Enacts Ban on Wireless Smart Meters" 

In Wisconsin, an opt-out program was established.

In order to avoid the monthly fee, I am proposing residents who opt-out have the choice to take a picture of their own meter and send it in monthly.

Update: 5/27/2021:

Again, we need to re think an opt out program compromise since Jerry Pressley was uncompromising.

Jungus Jordan has been working hard to get an opt out program.  He is not receiving any messages or calls back from the water department.

The Mayor and City Council have jurisdiction to create the opt out program.  At minimum, 5 City Councilmen/Councilwomen have to vote yes on the opt out program for it to pass.

The solution:

Allow an opt-out option for all affected residents to refuse radiofrequency radiation from their water meter, for reason of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or Reason of Conscience.

As outlined from evidence from the Bioinitiative Report and the MPE report for Sensus Flexnet, it is very clear that the radiofrequency radiation in the air will violate our property, through the air, from the easement, and are Not safer than a cell phone.

Thank you for your support! :-)

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