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A high speed Fixed Wireless broadband tower for The Channon and outlying communities

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We the residents of The Channon and outlying communities (Terania Creek, Tuntable Creek and Whian Whain) are sick of suffering slow broadband speeds. Current DSL services have been left untouched for up to 8 years with no improvements made what-so-ever. In this time the amount of residents connected to the single exchange in The Channon has grown exponentially. Those of us currently using the service are getting anywhere from 8 to 10 times slower speeds than what is advertised, in some cases less than 1 megabit (1mbps). We have also for some time been at a point where some residents cannot even get connection to the internet due to a lack of available slots on the exchange. This needs to change now.

We are requesting that a Fixed Wireless (FTTN) tower is installed near 34 Standing Street, The Channon NSW 2480. In the very unlikely event that a Fixed Wireless tower is not seen as a viable option, we request that an alternative and equally suitable solution that covers the residents in these areas, is carried out as soon as possible.

A Fixed Wireless tower at the aforementioned location would provide cheap high speed internet and a stable home phone service to the entire community of The Channon, approximately 550 residents. The tower would also serve approximately 300 Residents in Terania Creek, 350 residents in the Tuntable Creek area and 200 Residents in Whian Whian.


Some benefits of being on the NBN include:

  1. It's cheaper. In fact, it's a whole lot cheaper. Up to 50% cheaper. Because the NBN (National Broadband Network) plans are all government subsidised you can expect less expensive home phone and broadband bills. March 2017 - The Cheapest NBN Plans
  2. It's up to fifty (50) times faster than the DSL you are using now. At the bare minimum it's 12 times faster, but average speeds are anywhere from 25 times faster to 50 times faster than the internet speeds you are experiencing now. How fast is the NBN?
  3. It's future-proof. NBN infrastructure and plans will be upgraded and improved before any other kind of broadband or telephone service. This is due to newer technology and also as a result of increased government funding. More money and better technology available means faster and better results and progress. NBN Progress Plan
  4. You have a huge array of choices for an ISP on the NBN network. Being on the NBN means that you will now have the ability to shop around for a better deal on your broadband. Instead of being limited to very few ISPs that still offer the current DSL we are all using, you'll have over 50 different providers to choose from, meaning you can find the perfect plan to suit your needs. NBN Fixed Wireless Providers
  5. ISPs on the NBN do not impose excess charges for exceeding your download or upload quota. If your plan even has a quota limit, your speed will just be slowed temporarily for the rest of your billing month.
  6. You can forget about the weather ever interfering with your call quality again. Many of us suffer terrible connection quality in our landlines after rain, and some suffer issues with the connection regardless of the weather. On the NBN your calls are routed wirelessly in the same way your internet is so you never have to worry about the weather affecting the quality of your call.
  7. You'll be finally able to say goodbye to your home phone (If you want). Because the NBN Fixed Wireless service does not require a working physical copper wire line, those who wish to remove their home phone in favour of using their mobile(s) will be able to and save money accordingly whilst still being able to enjoy home broadband.


Additionally it won't cost you anything. We've already well and truly paid for the service. None of us will have to pay a cent to have the Fixed Wireless tower installed.

For those tin foil hat residents among us. Wireless Signals do not have adverse health affects and will not give you or your kids cancer or headaches. In fact, Australia arguably has some of the strictest laws in the world governing the safe use of radio-frequencies:

  1. Australian Government Wi-Fi and Health
  2. Wi-Fi is not harming our children, here's the evidence
  3. Scientists say that Wifi won't give your kids cancer
  4. 3G & 4G Health Factor
  5. Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy
  6. Are there health risks to using Wi-Fi?
  7. No evidence to support harmful wireless signals
  8. WHO Organisation - Study on Wireless Health
  9. Wi-Fi Health Scare Tactics are Clickbait
  10. Reality Check: Your Wi-Fi isn't dangerous

For those of you who are seriously paranoid, I suggest doing some thorough reading and directing your 'campaigning energy' into a cause like banning CSG mining. Thanks.


When this petition gets enough signatures I will personally forward it to all relevant parties.

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