Stop DDOT Bike Lanes on Delacarlia Parkway and Loughboro Road

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DDOT is putting bike lanes on Dalecarlia Parkway, Loughboro Road and Rockwood Parkway. There was a hearing on this topic on August 27th at the Horace Man School to what appeared overwhelming opposition. DDOT even unveiled plans to study bike lanes and other ideas for Massachusetts Avenue. The money to do this comes from DDOT's general budget, so there is no appropriations needed, no environmental impact studies required, etc. They are intent in doing this and they are quickly moving forward to blunt any opposition. My sense is that there are hundreds of families in Spring Valley, Kent, Wesley Heights and Bethesda that think this is a terrible idea. DDOT will likely perform "test lanes” to see how their proposals work which at that point, the "study"will likely become permanent unless we act now. A bigger issue for the hospital is ambulance and other emergency traffic. The hospital now enjoys a clear, direct, approach for these vehicles which under the Study will require vehicles to at least cross the bike and pedestrian lanes. As this is the main thoroughfare to Sibley Hospital, and without two lanes on each side, cars can not pull over, which will also endanger lives. Further, Dalecarlia Parkway is a Parkway with a 40 MPH speed limit. Bikes that travel at 20 MPH should not be sharing the road with cars doing 40 MPH. While I understand that either the bike lanes will require a reduced speed limit or if the bike lanes are developed by reducing the travel lanes to just two, a major traffic congestion along Dalecarlia will not help the back-up during the morning or evening rush hours.
If you are interested in supporting the opposition, please sign the petition to stop Bike Lanes on Dalecarlia Parkway and Loughboro Road. Thanks!