Sarnia Sports Complex

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In Sarnia, as a parent or a teenager, you are constantly hearing, and sometimes saying, one of the most stated sentences in Sarnia, "There's nothing to do here." Sometimes the exact wording varies, but the meaning is always the same. I've heard all about how we have the beach and the Sting, not every city has a beach and a local hockey team right? One problem is that not everybody enjoys the beach, and even for those that do, it's only really usable for 2 months of the year. Not everybody enjoys hockey, and even then, the Sting and Legionnaires only play for so long; and the Sting have played really well lately, but it doesn't seem like they can ever make it past any of the powerhouse cities in the area. The city could benefit very much if they invested the money in a sports complex, allowing teams and clubs to not have to ask schools for their courts, instead of being able to use a sports facility.